Whether a beginner or previously trained, our acting department would be honored to have you join us for a year of growth in this excitingly popular field. 

At the end of the season we will present parents with short scenes from plays/skits along with professionally edited film scenes during the recital. 

Acting For Theater Criteria:

-How stage directions work. 

-Some history/discussions of great musical theater productions. 

-Body language/movement


-Developing stage presence

-Facial expressions


-Scene Work

-Memorizing lines 

-Different styles of acting

-Working off other actors/actresses

-The audition process

Acting For Camera Criteria:

-How shooting for camera works

-Some history/discussions of great films from the silent film era to modern day cinema

-Body language and movement on camera

-The tricks of the trade: camera angles

-Reading scripts

-Memorizing lines


-Group scenes


-Emotions on camera

-Working off other actors/actresses

-The importance of scores for films

-The audition process


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