Our 2021-2022 Programs!

Whether a beginner or previously trained, our acting department would be honored to have you join us for a year of growth in this excitingly popular field. 

Musical Productions

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Acting for Camera Classes


Previous Musical Productions

Each year Prestige offers a complete Theater Program run by our amazing and inspiring Theater Department. We bring each student through the training and audition process necessary to perform in several stage productions. Everyone has a speaking role in each performance and we will do several age appropriate/experienced productions to accomplish this goal. In addition to acting, the students will receive professional dance instruction by several Prestige choreographers to enhance their training and help bring the shows to life! Our performances are at a local High School with a stage crew, stage lighting, props, costumes, and scenery. All children are individually mic'ed to bring each performance to the level of professionalism that they all work so hard to achieve. Each production session is announced weeks in advance and each child has an opportunity to receive specialized training while spending hours of fun with their friends and staff. In addition to our production performances, our students may have the opportunity to showcase their talent by performing scenes during our annual June Recital. 

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Acting For Theater Criteria:

-How stage directions work. 

-Some history/discussions of great musical theater productions. 

-Body language/movement


-Developing stage presence

-Facial expressions


-Scene Work

-Memorizing lines 

-Different styles of acting

-Working off other actors/actresses

-The audition process

Acting For Camera

Prestige offers awesome Acting for Camera classes for ages 5-17. These classes are some of our acting student’s favorites and many take both Theater and Camera classes to build their training resumes. Students will be instructed on how to audition and perform in front of a camera, which requires a different skill-set than stage productions. They will have the opportunity to learn and perfect both commercials and movie scenes as the instructor guides them with stage direction while shooting them from different angles. Each week will be a different script/activity to keep the children engaged as they create new characters. After several “takes” they will have the opportunity to showcase their best acting performances meticulously edited for the audience. In the end, they will get to watch their work on the big screen as family and friends look on in awe. The final product is always something the children look forward to and builds on their self-esteem and confidence as a performer. 

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Acting For Camera Criteria:

-How shooting for camera works

-Some history/discussions of great films from the silent film era to modern day cinema

-Body language and movement on camera

-The tricks of the trade: camera angles

-Reading scripts

-Memorizing lines


-Group scenes


-Emotions on camera

-Working off other actors/actresses

-The importance of scores for films

-The audition process